Art For The Senses – workshops or private tuition

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Art is subjective.

A painting, song or poem that lights a fire within you may not raise as much as a spark in someone else.

How you interpret the work of another is entirely down to you.

Some pieces of art make a connection with many, some with only a few and yet that there is a connection at all can be truly magical.

The process of art making is not dissimilar in so far as it impacts each person differently.

For some art making is everything and for others it can be their greatest challenge.

Regardless of it’s impact, art making and the creative is within everyone.

Art For The Senses explores the creative within – for both the individual and in the team or work environment.

It provides a platform for exploration, for peace and inner calm, for emotional well-being and for personal development.

Regardless of the impact, it is always rewarding when a participant gets in touch to explain how profoundly they have been touched by the workshops:

“Since attending Geralyn’s one on one art for the senses workshops, I have discovered my hidden passion for art! I have thoroughly been enjoying learning new skills and techniques in a warm, welcoming and colourful environment. Geralyn’s classes are sensory based and the use of smell, taste and sound compliment and enrich each individual art lesson.  For instance, music evocative of the east was used to compliment the exotic Moroccan powders and techniques used during a playful and beautiful acrylic pour! Geralyn is a wealth of knowledge and her patience never fails to astound me! Thank you Geralyn for being so kind and for helping me to grow as an artist and as an individual. I can’t wait to see what my next class has in store!”

For more information on Art For The Senses workshops and personal and private tuition, please email