How to use creativity as part of your staff development programme

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The start of each year is the perfect opportunity for reflection as individuals and in our collective form, as businesses, organisations or teams, benchmarking performance from one year to the next turning hopes and fears into actions and results.

We are guided by measures of optimism, realism and pessimism knowing that some of what lies ahead in 2022 is within our control and some beyond our control.

Whatever the balance, controlling what is controllable is what matters most.

The daily strain on the human psyche at home or in the workplace is close to getting the recognition it deserves – from ourselves and from those we surround ourselves with. Whilst there is a long way to go,  discussions around emotional and mental well-being are being had with less stigma.

How art workshops can help motivate management and employees

Stress at work has an impact on corporate performance, morale, teamwork and culture.

Individually, it can block creativity and impact confidence levels  – over the longer term it can seriously impact physical and mental well-being.

The evidence that art and creativity positively impacts emotional and mental well-being is unrefuted – there is much research to support the belief that art and creativity can be valuable in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and some phobias.

There is equal evidence to support how art can help the individual convey emotions, process feelings, find respite and to express dormant or hidden creativity.

Art For The Senses was established in 2019 to offer art as a stimulus and therapy for individuals, organisations and teams, providing a safe and secure platform for creative expression and discovery into emotional and mental well-being.

In a fast-paced, results oriented corporate environment, taking time out is now seen as less of a luxury and more of a necessity – Art For The Senses gives space to those people who need emotional balance for decision making, critical thinking and problem solving.

Art workshops can help improve your corporate culture

Art For The Senses brings together the disciplines of art and creativity and psychoanalytical psychotherapy to help business owners, C-Suite business leaders and high performance teams in uncovering and understanding the importance of emotional and mental wellbeing, managing behaviours, reducing stress and adding more value to their daily output at work – both as individuals and in the team environment.

We tailor our programmes to suit the needs of the individuals and teams and offer sessions on site or online, subject to up-to-date COVID 19 regulations.

The sessions are engaging, interactive and challenge the participants to get to know and understand themselves better – as a process, Art For the Senses is effective regardless of the participants age, ability or experience.

It is less about becoming a better artist and more about self-connection, finding a way to calm the mind and explore the creative side that we all have.

The benefits of art workshops on teams and individuals

The workshops offer many tangible benefits both to the individuals and those teams participating including :

  • Self esteem through the satisfaction of creating art and the sense of accomplishment that this brings
  • Emotional expression – giving the participant an outlet for acknowledging and expressing emotions that have been hidden within, without words to describe
  • Stress management – the first step is awareness beyond which art offers a safe outlet for expression and release
  • Creative encouragement – the ability to think more critically and creatively

As we begin the New Year it might be worth considering how Art For The Senses can help support you, your team and your colleagues navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

For more information on the Art For The Senses programme, please email and one of the team will connect with you with 24 hours.