Strangford Late Sunset


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Strangford is an idyllic village situated in Strangford Lough in Co Down Northern Ireland.
A beautiful setting for the small number who inhabit the village but also for the back drop to the most successful TV series of all time – Game of Thrones.

Nearby Castle Ward becomes Winterfell. The Quiole River becomes Riverrun and nearby Tollymore Forest park is the haunted forest.

The production crew were on there game when they chose the area as a backdrop to GOT and Strangford captures the magic of the Irish Countryside a long with some touches of Celtic mysticism and Norse legend.

From the artist:

“The dramatic fire is captured here using acrylic, oils and willow.
Brush strokes underlying application with pallet knife of bold raw colour.
The balmy evening met a full moon and an encroaching tide.
The presence of few boats in the harbour added to the felt power of the narrows.
Unusually dark dusk is punctuated with golds rose pink and Indian crimson.
A decadent scene.”

Strangford Sunset was painted by Geralyn Mulqueen, Irish Artist, based in Downpatrick Co Down, Ireland.

Geralyn uses colour spontaneously in the emotional translation and captures the essence of reflection and emergence uniquely felt by the individual. The pieces are vital and honest, always allowing for movement and growth. Geralyn has exhibited across Europe – Berlin, London, Paris and Dublin – her most recent exhibition was at The MAC in Belfast 2019.

Handmade Item

Subject Landscape & Scenery
Width 22 Inches
Height 26 Inches
Orientation Horizontal
Materials Linen, Oil & Acrylic

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