Speaking at the Elmfield Institute, The Power of Story

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How we engage, interact and work with each other has, over a very short space of time moved away from what humans have considered for decades, some kind of normal.

The order of life is always in a state of flux but the tempo of change recently has increased dramatically.

My work as a psychotherapist has moved from the comfortable surroundings of my practice space to a Zoom conversation, I recently delivered my first online Art For the Senses clinic and last week I delivered my first on line lecture as part of the Power of Story series through the Elmfield Institute.

Elmfield Institute was founded in 2019 and encourages and supports wellness for the individual, business and community through the belief that there are multiple definitions and approaches to what it means to be well and although it maybe hidden, particularly in times of crisis, we can find our way back to that wisdom with intentionality.

Those approaches, defined by the Elmfield Institute as Wellean Wisdom are listening, relating, adapting, flowing, immersing, empowering and tending.

In my talk, I discuss the integration of artistic practice into wellbeing, the journey towards wellness on themes of vulnerability, finding voice through lived experience, accessing play, mark making, finding safe spaces and ultimately the recovery of meaning.

A journey which has lead me from my work as a barrister through psychotherapy to Art For The Senses.

It was a great honour to join the international panel of speakers for the Power of Story event and whilst the platform off delivery and engagement may have changed the message is one that resonates now more than ever.

The full clip is available here on YouTube