Testimonials – what participants say about Art For The Senses

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“I had a great time I am surrounded by art most of the time as it is my husbands business. I showed him my piece of art that I produced today and it is in his study on an easel. I had a very peaceful time tins afternoon. I loved it so much. Can’t wait to meet up with you again and use oils – thank you Geralyn for sharing your gift with me.” September 2019

“I find my work challenging on a number of levels. It can be a solitary pursuit and quite lonely and yet I enjoyed the company of others at the workshop. It was cathartic to engage with my work colleagues in an entirely different environment and maybe the sessions brought us closer together as a team.” Accountant, Dublin. July 2019

“I came with no expectation and maybe a little scepticism but the Art For The Senses workshop has had a distinctly positive impact on my emotional wellbeing.  I’m now the proud owner of my first ever painting and I feel today was less about the actual painting and more about awareness.” Business owner, Co Down. May 2019

“Art for the Senses was a lot of fun. I haven’t painted in a lifetime. I now recognise a need in me for some kind of creative expression that my job simply doesn’t allow on a day-to-day basis. The coaching and guidance was excellent – really helped in getting going” May 2019